What does a plumber do?

What does a plumber do

A plumber needs to conduct essential responsibilities like diagnostic, installation and repair of plumbing systems. These play an important role in ensuring proper distribution of gas, air and water disposal. Apart from that, the plumber also needs to focus on maintaining heating, ventilation and air condition systems.

The plumbers either work as a contractor or within a company. Many of them also start their own business independently after working within an organization for a certain period. The plumbers will need to work in different areas like construction and plumbing. Working independently as plumbers will help to build up a reputation to attract more clients to their business.

The plumbers are also known as commercial plumbers, master plumber, drain cleaned and residential plumbers. The plumber needs to undergo proper training for one or two years. Informal training may as well be required for becoming a plumber. It is advisable to undergo an appropriate certification program to get a job in this profession.

What are the primary duty and responsibilities of a plumber?

The plumbers will need to follow a comprehensive schedule to boost their business. There’s a list of tasks they will need to follow. Becoming a plumber is exhausting because so many tasks are involved in the same.

Here are some of the primary responsibilities of a plumber                

Checking the water distribution system

The primary responsibility is to check the water distribution system ranging from the design of pipes to its placements. Readjustment will constantly be required for ensuring proper distribution. As plumbers, they will need to check for pipe connections and draining systems. All of it needs to be done according to the designed plumbing plan.

Installation of plumbing systems

Whether you’re installing a new plumbing system or replacing the existing one, it is advisable to choose one that suits your needs. It would help if you considered installing the plumbing accessories and systems only from expert plumbers. They will take care of all minor plumbing installation aspects, such as supply, disposal, and water distribution.

Their basic responsibilities for the installation of plumbing systems include the following

  • Preparing and installing the pipes using a specialized power tool before using or placing them.
  • Creating openings whenever and wherever necessary, especially insider walls and under the floors.
  • Checking the systems to avoid leakage so that all pipes can be interconnected easily.
  • Installing and repairing air, water, fire protection and gas.
  • Troubleshooting the air conditioner, steam and hot water heating systems along with various residential and commercial equipment.

Offering on-site diagnosis and maintenance

The plumbers need to take care of the repair costs while maintaining on-site diagnosis and maintenance. However, there are certain basic responsibilities these individuals will need to follow for proper ideas.

Here’s what plumbers need to do for on-site diagnosis and maintenance

  • Inspect the pipes for an increased chance of leaks and malfunctions.
  • Offering advice to customers regarding care and maintenance tips of pipes.
  • Calculating, analysing and comparing data to provide proper estimations of the installation.

Apart from these general tasks, the plumbers will need to do regular daily tasks such as checking the plumbing systems and HVAC systems. Furthermore, they will also need to take care of the installation of commercial and residential appliances.

The salary of a plumber varies depending on the responsibility and location. If you want to become a plumber in your state, you need to attain the license as well.


The rules and regulations of becoming a plumber will vary from place to place. If you want to start your plumbing business, it is advisable to check the place’s rules and regulations. Meanwhile, if you undergo training, you will undergo proper management skills too.

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