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About Us

Our Mission and Vision

To cater with the only category which is exclusively designed to offer a dedicated market place only for Plumbing segment where true value and ethics are the primary conditions.


Before TruePumber came into existence, a high performance team for market research found a very common yet a grave loophole in the segment of Business directory, Review sites and Digital market place during their nationwide survey.

The Team members, who are now the core members at TruePlumber, underlined that,

If a person searches for a specific service he wants to avail or to give user satisfaction ratings.  At present, he has to go through a rigorous process to reach out to a true one who is trustworthy and provides location based services as well.

The biggest setback is – The who’s who of this segment caters almost all services at one place, which they call as “The ethical market place” where both buyers and sellers of the products or services can engage and connect with each other quickly.

But it’s not true. In reality, You have to first choose a category from a sea of diverse categories followed by another round of endless lists of sub categories.  And in some cases, even you will have to end up with a list of services which is less relevant to your primary search. To plug in this loophole, true to its name, TruePlumber -Find local plumber is launched to cater exclusively Plumbing segment where no one will lose himself in the crowd of various different categories.